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Werified Preppschampo 1L

Werified Preppschampo 1L

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Werified by WER - for vehicle washing, carefully developed with a focus on speed. All chemicals must be very effective but not too strong so that they damage the surface. The sweet spot for using these products is in the laundry hall where you pay by the minute, the products are very fast acting which makes washing a pure pleasure. Werified prep shampoo is a new category of shampoo that can be used in several ways. The most important factor in the preparation of the recipe is cleaning. The surface being cleaned should only feel very clean and not disturbed by any simple wax or shine-enhancing substance that is often found in normal shampoos. If you really like car care, you often have a good paint protection on the car that you want to be responsible for the magnificent shine and not the shampoo. The prep shampoo is excellent to use as a shampoo before applying polishing or varnish protection as it does not contain any irritating gloss-enhancing additives or the like that can interfere with the polishing process.




  • Werified prep shampoo prepares and cleans your vehicle without disturbing additives, perfect before applying polish or paint protection
  • Foams a lot and smells great!
  • PH balanced which does not remove any existing wax/paint protection
  • Mix a few capsules in a bucket of water and/or foam with a foam lance, mix about 1 part shampoo with 4 parts water in the container of the foam lance.
  • 1 liter, delivered with a child-proof cap
  • The prep shampoo is very easy to rinse off to save water
  • Made in Sweden by an ISO-certified factory



Warning information:

The mixture contains no PBT substances.
The mixture contains no vPvB substances

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