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Zuffenhausen™ Swisswax (for modern Porsche paints) 50 ml

Zuffenhausen™ Swisswax (for modern Porsche paints) 50 ml

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Swissvax has studied Porsche's paint system in detail from G series and onwards in the microscope to determine the structure of the varnish. They then developed a unique recipe customized for Porsche with the optimal blend of 40 percent white and yellow grade 1 carnauba (the most expensive and exclusive wax available). With the right binder and a variety of other ingredients added that bind best to the Porsche paint structure, this unique wax guarantees a long durability and an incredible glow and shine in the paint. The product can be applied directly to varnish, PPF film or wrapping.



  • Special edition only for Porsche
  • 40% premium Brazilian carnauba wax
  • The recipe is carefully calculated for the Porsche paint system Effectively hides micro-defects while the generous amount of carnauba ensures long-lasting shine and protection
  • 50 ml is enough for 3-4 cars.



  • Clean the surface to be waxed carefully with isopropanol, this makes the wax stick better, which in turn means that the product stays longer on the surface. You get better durability and effect.
  • Use a soft applicator or apply the wax with your bare hand. Take some wax on the applicator and apply with soft circular movements.

  • Let the wax sit for 5-10 minutes. Wipe with high-quality microfiber cloths in soft, gentle movements. If the cloth is unable to wipe away more, change to a new one so that no residue remains on the surface.

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