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Rupes Spraywax Marinwax, 500ML

Rupes Spraywax Marinwax, 500ML

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Rupes Spraywax for Marine Care is the new flexible way to wax a gelcoat and other composite substrates.
The spray wax will leave a lovely shine at the same time as it leaves behind a strong layer of wax that protects the entire boating season.


  • Size 500 ml
  • Perfect wax for boats to facilitate washing but also increase the shine of your pearl
  • 1 bottle is enough for about a 50 foot boat in one layer.


Spray on a smaller surface approx. 1*1 meter at a time and wipe with a microfiber cloth within a few minutes until no residue is visible.

The product can be layered in 2 layers for even better/thicker protection. Then wait a few hours between applications.

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