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B1 Insect remover, 500 ML

B1 Insect remover, 500 ML

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Pure:est Bug/insect Remover B1 is one of this year's 2022 novelties in their range.
There is nothing sadder than seeing the front of your vehicle full of dead insects after a ride. In addition, when the sun is strong during the summer, these run the risk of burning into the paint, so it is important to get rid of these insects as soon as possible.
Pure:Est B1 also repels bird droppings, which is especially important to take care of immediately to avoid damage to the paintwork.
B1 is pre-mixed so that you only need to spray on and rinse off with high pressure.


  • Insect repellent that also works against bird droppings
  • Spray nozzle included
  • Scent: Grape
  • Size 500ml
  • B1 can also be mixed in a pressure syringe that can withstand alkaline degreasing.


  1. Apply the product to the places where there are insects or bird droppings. Do not use in direct sunlight and do not let the product dry.
  2. Leave on for about 2 minutes.
  3. Rinse with high pressure.

Should it happen that a lot of insects have managed to burn themselves into the paint, spray on B1 again and use a soft brush (Interior brush) and use it on the places that need a little mechanical help. Then rinse off.

Remember not to store the product in areas where it gets to minus temperatures.

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