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Rupes Polish Uno Advanced, 250 ML & 1 L

Rupes Polish Uno Advanced, 250 ML & 1 L

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Rupes Uno Advanced is a high-tech paint protection and polishing agent, formulated and produced by Rupes' own factory in Milan, Italy.


  • Uno Advanced is for those who want a brilliant shiny result in the shortest possible time while providing a nano-protection on the surface that lasts up to 12 months
  • Uno Advanced is a medium-aggressive polishing agent that polishes away washing scratches and other minor defects effectively and that it fills in micro-scratches.
  • Uno Advanced makes your car much easier to wash with considerable pressure in the gloss for a long time.
  • Uno Advanced can only be used as a paint protection that can be applied manually with an applicator without a polishing machine.
  • Size 250 ml & 1 L


  1. A clean surface makes the protection last longer, wash carefully, mud, alcohol etc.
  2. Recommended pulleys are Rupe's yellow wool or yellow microfiber
  3. Shake the bottle before each refill on the pulley
  4. Wait at least 20 minutes before wiping the Uno Advanced with a microfiber cloth to allow the protection to bond with the surface
  5. Do not expose the protected object to moisture for at least 4 hours after completion of application

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