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Rupes Foam roller for iBrid models white 4-pack/6-pack

Rupes Foam roller for iBrid models white 4-pack/6-pack

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Rupe's hybrid foam pads are flexible and small polishing pads that are available in packs of 4 / 6. These are therefore suitable for Rupes iBrid polishing machine or smaller polishing machines with attachment plate size 34mm or 50mm (Velcro surface)

The white roundel from Rupes is their finest and works more with gloss, and is perfect to use on sensitive varnishes that have been repainted etc.


  • Area of ​​use: Fine deburring polishing pad
  • Suitable polishing agent: Rupes DA Coarse Compound
  • Area of ​​use: Polishing pad package in 4 or 6 packs ( Choose size )
  • Dimensions: 35mm Velcro & 40mm polishing surface | 54mm velcro & 70mm polishing surface ( Choose size )
  • Bevelled edges


Rupes Ultra-Fine White polishing pad is a very soft polishing pad that is perfect for more sensitive paints such as repainted surfaces or car brands with soft paint, as these types of paint can be difficult to achieve a crystal clear result without a "foggy" feeling.

Rupe's pulleys are delivered in closed, high-quality packaging that protects against harmful UV light, humidity and contamination.

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